Benzaie Q&A #2 Formspring questions !

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Jalil 01/15/2011 15:33

yeah maybe the parents wouldnt be happy but it would be so cool to have such a funny teacher :D

Kleiner Kokiri 01/14/2011 12:51

That's not a bad question Mister LoL.
I don't know much about the french school system or mentality.
In Germany a teacher has certain privileges, as long as it's not a Private School he's attending.

The schools actually can't even decide who goes to which school. It's the education board that makes this decision.

I personally don't see much of a problem with benzaie as a teacher. Im pretty sure he's good at it.
But of course i can see that some parents would have a problem with such a teacher, for it is likely that the students might look him up and find his stuff.

A conservative would maybe not accept this.
I personally fail to see why it would affect them in a negative way. You'll meet a lot of different personalities in your life. And even as a teacher, benzaie should have the freedome to do what he
likes in his private life. As long as it is legal and not harmful to anyone.

It could even affect his students in a positive way, by showing his scholars that individualism and freedome is part of our society and this should be respected.
Naturally there are people who think otherwise.

Benzaie, you're right that Dragonball Z is a horrible anime. It's not only the same all the time, but it's also a dragged out series with too much fighting. I loved it as a kid as well.
The manga however is so much better. It has the right proportion of fighting and humour.

Probably you know that already !

LOL 01/13/2011 19:17

LoL, what school is going to hire a guy that has a internet show called GameFap

sarahjay27 01/13/2011 18:12

Sorry I was the one who wrote the question about female masturbation. I was rather drunk that night. You don't have to do anything about it.

Jalil 01/13/2011 13:15

haha "commentairy slut" allright then :
just one thing what's your job ? teacher or something ? i belive that I heard something like that in your videos ^^"
and when are you working ?