Benzaie Q&A #3 70 formspring questions!

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Sunburnseb 01/17/2011 10:19

Well Thank Benzaie for your answers.
Sadly my agenda doesn't allow me to be part of Angouleme's festival. But if I got the opportunity to ever meet you at next Toulouse game Show ? I hope You'll let me buy you a beer

Kleiner Kokiri 01/16/2011 23:15

It's called a fleshlight. Because it's look like a flashlight i guess ? If so ... it's a dumb pun.
Sure you want such a thing donated ? :o You don't know what the previous owner did with it ... ehr ._. xD

And Daisy is supposed to be with Luigi ?? You monster !! You don't want him to have one ??

Jalil 01/16/2011 21:30

hehe merci pour tes réponses :D
et merci pour le temps que tu prend pour tes fans :D