Benzaie Q&A #4 (more Formspring)

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Hurtelknut 02/12/2011 11:32

Okay, that shit just blew me away:

I was playing away on my guitar while watching this, and just as I started playing Layla, the "What will you do when you get lonely"-Question came up. Uri Geller can eat my balls!

Arkynomicon 02/11/2011 00:03

Oh I watched the Comicon thingy. I just didn't feel like I had anything to say about it.

So why are you warping in to Frankenbenzai in this video and what is the most disappointing game you ever played?

Jeam-Francois Grenier 02/07/2011 23:42

OMG OMG OMG he answered my question. MY LIFE HAS A MEANING!
In all seriousness, I was amazed by how nervous I was when he said it.
It's weird people don't watch the European comic con videos. I'm not that interested in comic(only mangas) and I still enjoyed it, seemed like a great place to be.

Merci d'avoir répondu a ma question Benzai.

jalil 02/07/2011 22:07

haha like in goldeneye the giant head cheat :P
Well i really hope that a lot of people from TGWTG/BT GameHeroes etc... comeing over to ANINITE :D
Damn, weird questions sometimes ^^"
siriously i dont get why nobody watched these videos, i mean cmon Freaking marvel drawers and they dont like it ?!? WTFIWWY people ???

See ya
++ Jal

Kleiner Kokiri 02/07/2011 21:47

What the hell is up with your face ?
Or the video quality O.O