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Because I like taking pictures of my collection, shelves of games and shit, something impossible with Downloadable Games, here is a link to my Steam Library, so you can check what games I play on my PC ! (I don't know own many boxed PC games sadly, appart from a few old ones).



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maxim_fortin 01/08/2011 04:45

Il te manque Star Wars KotOR....

Rasputin Varez 12/29/2010 23:41

I also have a huge steam library, and i miss having boxed copies. i wish there were more collectors editions

Jalil 12/29/2010 22:42

Hehe éééééé biiiin !!! pas mal j'éspère qu'on pourra faire une petite partie de CSS ou Left4Dead2 ou Dead Rising 2 sur ordi :P

Geminias 12/29/2010 16:30

That is a nice EVERYTHING you got there.... It would be a SHAME if something happened to it...