Benzaie Will Be Back !

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Due to unforeseen event, I'll take a few days off, I might not even update my twitter for about 3/4 days... the site will go back to daily updates on FRIDAY... Have fun everybody and stay yourselves !


PS: I hope you enjoy this amazing fanart by DA user mlock !!!

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Sam 09/30/2010 00:27

I loe this, it's a pretty dang sweet representation of Bates.

Arkynomicon 09/27/2010 20:10

There seems to be a new Berserk anime in works.

Hope it cheers you up a little bit.

Arkynomicon 09/27/2010 17:44

Hope you feel better soon and that things will get sorted out.

Samil 09/27/2010 00:00

I love the expression on Beary's face. He's like "What the hell is going on here?"

Sergio Carrasco 09/26/2010 21:57

Hope everything gets better and you come back in high spirits! Take your time man, we'll be waiting ;)