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Paddeh 10/10/2010 21:46

When you met James Rolfe, what did you say to him and were you nervous to meet the guy who inspired you? Also did he remember you from when you did the French subtitles on his videos?

shox TURBO 10/06/2010 03:10

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Terry 10/05/2010 19:35

filming your screen? lol, cmon benzai i got an old tv wonder pro card laying around if you want it (s video in i believe) but ya just email me srsly.

Frankenstien 10/05/2010 03:53

Dear Benzaie, Hi! I am a huge fan of your show. So I want to ask you the most important question anyone has ever asked you. In the scene from Home Alone 2 where Kevin is on the plane, what does the
man sitting next to him say?

Kleiner Kokiri 10/04/2010 17:21

The 3DS will cost something like 300 bucks (and not 220) my friend. And it will auto-update it's firmware to prevent piracy.

Will it also cost 300€ here in Europe ? I honestly don't know what may happen with our currency, but it's possible that it will cost 280-300€.
As far as i remember, a strong euro did never benefit us in game- or console prices.

But it will have Saria ... in 3D !
I Can't Wait ! :D