Blister Thumbs launches ! NOW !

Published on by Benzaie


If site doesn't work, come back tomorow... I just posted that in the rush before going to bed, I couldn't resist !

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Jalil 11/07/2010 15:45

Im on (Y) !! cool *_* !!

Kleiner Kokiri 11/07/2010 14:56

I have yet to check out the site Master benzaie ...
BUT ... i will state that they do not like the style of it.

I am used to much more decent and maybe a little bit more purist styles. Like kotaku or rpgfan.
BT however ... eew .... there's so much going on that it hurts my eyes !
Just you scroll from the very top to the very bottom of the site and you feel like theres too much shit going on.

Don't want to sound all negative, but that's my frist impression.