C. Martinet: the voice of Mario Interview

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GUNLOC 09/19/2011 22:45

Cet homme est une légende ! En plus de ça, sa est clair et il articule tellement bien que j'ai pu comprendre tout ce qu'il a dit. Un grand merci Benzaïe pour avoir posté cette vidéo

Zihark 08/31/2011 16:57

Wow, so being grateful and thankful towards the person who have provided you with work for about 20 years is now days called "suck his d***"?

When I was brought up my mother teached me to be grateful, humble and respectful towards the one that provides you with work and payment, but I guess today's kids don't learn that any longer.

Regardless, great interview.

KyleJCrb@gmail.com 08/29/2011 04:41

I could listen to this man all day. Charles is such an amazing talent. However, the first Mario game he was in was Mario's Game Gallery for the PC. I can certainly understand why he would either
forget about it or not bring it up though, because it wasn't very good or well-known.

Thanks for this cool quickie interview, Benzaie.

Wow 08/28/2011 11:16

He sure sucks a lot of Mr. Miyamoto's d*** in this interview, don't you think? Nevertheless he's a great voice actor and a perfect fit for Mario and co. :)