Funny benzaie Fan comic !

Published on by Benzaie

By DA user Frobman, click his name to see his gallery...

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Anonymous 10/01/2010 20:50

Translator's Note: "Mon Ami" means "My friend" in French.

ikkusu 10/01/2010 00:23

damn, why do I keep reading this from right to left? it makes no sense that way! xD

eyz 09/30/2010 14:22

Ah! Awesome!

Mais je connais Frobman! Il t'a dessiner ce comic rien qu'pour toi? Haha! :)

Lady Hedoniste 09/29/2010 20:42

Oh wow XD That's awesome.

Jalil 09/28/2010 21:20

oh boy...mon ami XD