Games you'll probably play in March

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Dragon Age 2: (if you like heroic fantasy...and sex)


Shogun 2Total War : (if you are either Spoony or Angry Joe)


Crysis 2 : (If you didn't get enough lens flare with Killzone 3)


Shift 2 Unleashed : (if you're a my 12 year-old brother)


HomeFront : (if you liked Red Dawn)



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Lol elo 08/11/2015 09:04

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gto1969jdg 02/28/2011 09:32

you mean there is people who dont like red dawn

Jim 02/28/2011 00:17

You forgot Okami (if you're a fan of everything Japanese).

Kleiner Kokiri 02/27/2011 15:25

Dragon Age would be better without Sex ... seriously.
If Americans can't do good sex scenes, they shouldn't make them at all.
Those in Dragon Age 1 looked so embarassing with their clothes on... and overall.

Also LordKat announced that he won't make videos anymore, which is sad.