Gaming in the 90's SUCKED !

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LucidicUnderstudy 03/01/2012

Bravo on the music from NiGHTS when discussing the mascot-craze.

King 27/01/2012

Hey, nice vid, not gonna lie, Game Overthinker sent me, and I'm glad he did. Right, it's funny you dropped ME at the end there, cause I'd like to hear what you have to say about peoples complaints
about 'casualisation' but also your stance on multiplayer modes being put into more and more things. Cheers =]

Mat 11/03/2012

I grew up in the 90's and I freakin love 2d fighters and side scrollers. But this video was pretty damn good, you make great points as a video game journalist/commentator sir. I shall return here.

StoletheCookies 12/03/2012

Have you seen the Game Overthinker's episode that is sort of a response to this? I would be very interested to know what you thought.
If you want to skip his little skit (some find it annoying) go to about 3:00.

Rock 11/05/2012

Sparkster is an oppossum, not a mouse.