GYMDK - Beverly Hills Cop (ST)

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fawke 02/22/2011 22:12

allé les gars ! y en a un qui se dévoue pour faire une petite gâterie a benzaie pour qu'il mette les sous-titre français !!!

M3G4H34D 11/27/2010 02:37

I don't know why, but the scientology googles reminded me the movie "Love Exposure". If you guys haven't seen this yet you REALLY should check it out.

Samil 11/24/2010 23:59

Oh man Benzai. You should be careful. The people on Blistered Thumbs are new to your Frenchnes, and a lot of them are seeing you for the first time. Now they might think you're actually gay. I know
for a fact there are gay people in France (it's not Iran). Do you really want to risk some of them trying to grab your penis?

Jalil 11/23/2010 18:15

....AWESOME... hehe trop NICE !! et tes chanons sont toujours très ... captivant X)

Zeky 11/23/2010 17:57

So Phelous told you he loved you and you didn't even bother to answer back? That's just downright mean.

Just kidding, awesome video Benzaie, my inner yaoi-fangirl squee right now.