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Arkynomicon 02/11/2011 18:52

Aww that sucks. In the game the plasma-cutter is at least the size of an actual power-tool. I wonder if Isaac can attach a piston to his plasma-cutter?

As for the game it self I liked the first one a lot more. DS2 likes to Zerg-rush you way to much. Then there is also the problem with making Isaac an actual character with no depth or sincerity at
all. The helmet opening in convenient cinematic parts is also pretty damn stupid.

Caspis Sinclair 02/02/2011 00:06

Classic Benzaie!

Pretty lame extras for a $20 premium over the regular game. Sorry you had to fork over the extra money for a soundtrack and a McDonald's toy gun.

(bonus points though for using the Starship Trooper's theme)

Marcel 01/29/2011 21:01

Hardcorner is back and it was awesome. Thanks Benzaie!
The collectors edition of The Witcher 2 will kick ass, nothing compared to this :P

Heartofiron 01/29/2011 06:01

That's pretty bad for "collectors edition" but I've also seen worse. The game Prey on PC is a good example. All it had was an art book.
The Metal Gear Solid 4 collectors edition was cool. That had a bonus DVD, and a soundtrack.