Hardcorner: Real Mana Potions

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Published on Hardcorner

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pdmdb 12/19/2011 18:54

Hello ! I just knew you today, watching you playing Trine 2 with Fanta and Bob. I didn't know your videos, but I feel awsome the few I've already seen !

PS : when I play magician in RPGs, I don't use mana potions, I have great mana regen !

PPS : est-ce qu'on peut laisser des commentaires en Français sur ce site ?

Kleiner Kokiri 07/31/2011 06:46

Guess, you're not going to replace Mt. Dew with that.

HedonisteEgoiste 07/31/2011 03:12

Wow that was actually a damn good cosplay XD Also, your reation was hilarious. Mmmm...tastes like toes!