Hardcorner: The Witcher 2 Deluxe Etd.

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Asiek 06/21/2011 00:27

Well, there is The Witcher RPG called The Witcher - A Game of Imagination, but it was out only in Poland (as Wiedźmin - Gra Wyobraźni)... But maybe someone's translated it, since the game became
quite popular...

gros 06/15/2011 15:42

Très beau colle à hector, pas comme celle du duke..

Kleiner Kokiri 06/15/2011 00:11

The price already tripled for a new item. Which is the reason why I cannot afford it.
You've been lucky to always Pre-Order your stuff.

But I hope the next Witcher game will have a similiar Edition.