It's HERE and it's MAGNIFICENT !

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Arkynomicon 10/18/2010 06:23

Congrats on it finally arriving. It will probably be a while until I get to play the game myself though.

Jalil 10/16/2010 23:19


Samil 10/16/2010 22:39

If Zombrex is a liquid that needs to be injected, then why does it look like pill tablets on the box? Capcom needs to do their research!

Kleiner Kokiri 10/16/2010 16:00

Since benzaie is such a big fan of the series, i doubt he can hold back.

Matthew Hartman 10/16/2010 15:54

Thats pretty cool, will we see a lets play of this game?, or a funny sketch involving the Zombex