MMTT#6: Dog Bite

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spade75 03/19/2012 17:28

why do i put so much thought into my drugs. well... the drug scene is like a hooker, it'll do a 180 on ya. there is just some enemies you gotta face one on one. i usually limit my alcohol and
smoking to Sundays. which makes me a bad person. i drink rum out of a skull bottle like a true cowboy victim of extra terrestrials... or pirates i think you guys call them. Flying around the world
in UFO'S, big rigs and drinking rum all the time...rockin. aliens are the kings of deceit drugs and insanity, they don't really like people from around here, or even there.

Spade75 03/10/2012 00:52

oh yeah you can put a bit of "wolf bane" in the bottle as well. for those who think theirs a difference. you should try some hemp oil if you smoke and get rolls and can not sleep. also i hear
theirs a number 3 shouting at kids or something???

Spade75 03/01/2012 21:42

Then I filled the empty crystal head with some Tennessee whiskey to give it some fire ;)

Spade75 02/26/2012 22:30

I think its more about what your wearing. It will matter more what your drinking if you become morbidly obese, Lady.

Spade75 02/26/2012 21:45

Nice pjs! you should try a red baby doll. x) I tried some crystal skull vodka, it was dry.

I'm spade and Alcoholic Faith.