Modern Warfare 3 ridiculous French voices

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So in case you didn't quite grasp why I feature this video, just know that as a French person with a degree in languages (including phonetics & such) I had to wait 'till the 3 minute mark to hear some decent intelligible French words. Most of what a French person will hear in this video (at least the first 3minutes) amounts to "Herp dee Derp Semtex" ! 


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oudin 01/28/2012 15:05

french-canadian voices without a doubt, work only in Canada tabernacle !

JoeMutant 01/24/2012 11:52

Mais c'est completement merdique ces voix!!! La plupart sonnent comme si celui qui parle aurait reçu un mega-kick dans les couilles!

VincenTimes 01/22/2012 21:05

I want to say : "SHUT UP" or "TA GUUUUUEULE" (in french).