The sad reality of Video Game Marketing...

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Let's look at Jungle School for a second... this is the original cover art for UK... Well the game looks like a load of crap and I would never buy that sort of game, but the cover art is okay I guess... The prof looks damn sexy for a teacher but her design remains coherent with the environment... And look ! The Asian kid is playing with the black one... Charming !


Now... let's see what happens when such a game is sold in France...


First of all, the title went from JUNGLE SCHOOL to SUPER TEACHER (subtitled The Class going Crazy), and what a SUPER TEACHER INDEED ! Obviously designed by a totally different artist, the teacher is now a superb blue eyed blond fashion model ! Not to mention how she apparently doesn't give a crap about what's going on around her. Not very concerned with her job is she ? Now let's look at the class... Well the scientist-kid disappeared... I would assume it's because we don't really like the idea of children playing with toxic stuff or something... but he obviously leaves a big empty space on the art... As for the Asian kid, it's hard to tell what the hell he's doing now. Why ? WELL BECAUSE THE BLACK KID IS CUT IN HALF AND PUT BACK IN THE FOREGROUND, IN THE SHADOW OF THE ARIAN TEACHER !


...but hey, they kept the nerdy kid because what we want when buying a game, is seeing caricature of gamers...


BOTTOM LINE: I wouldn't buy a game with such a concept, and even if I would I WOULDN'T WANT TO FUCK THE TEACHER ON THE COVER ART ( so why did you changed her design ?) !*




Thanks for your attention !

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Sushi 10/24/2010 20:26

Moi qui pensait que la censure française c'était terminé...

Benzaie t'es génial !

Kleiner Kokiri 10/19/2010 21:31

That's a good question.
The official reason is because people have different tastes in different regions.

Why did they redesign the SNES console ? That must have been much more expensive.
Why have 4 coloured buttons here and only 2 bland colours in the american version ?

Actually those companies just have people that do nothing but "localizing" stuff like that.
My guess is: They need to do something or they feel useless.

legrandxav 10/19/2010 18:56

@Kleiner Kokiri: I think the real question is: Why in France we have a totally different cover. It's not new that cover change between region. But why?

Why a kid disappear, Why the asian kid don't play anymore with the Black kid? And why he almost out of the image?

I don't understand...

Kleiner Kokiri 10/19/2010 01:28

If this game is meant for a younger male audience it kind of makes sense.
Children have sexuality as well ~ even though they wouldn't think "man i want to fuck that teacher" it would draw their attention more easily if a "super model" directly looks at them from the
front cover.
The kid in the middle was kind of scary too. So i get why they did that.
I'd take the new box art over the old one.
Basically .. you're right that the attention is centered around the new teacher.

She's not MILF enough for you, i guess ?
Well ... she's not Loli either, but i would still choose her over the above one.

Still a nice anecdote from your work as a game journalist i guess ?
It's not a big issue ~ just take a look at american box art. Take Ico as an example.

Aaron Womack 10/18/2010 23:09